Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Programme.

Transform your wellbeing routine so you can truly thrive! This course, community and coaching programme from food and eating psychology coach, Josie Buck, will get you focused on your emotional health and nutrition and show you how you can easily make it part of your everyday life.

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What's on offer to you:

This course, community and group coaching programme is for women who want to feel better about their body, learn how to eat well for life and gain the emotional health skills to truly thrive. This is what's on offer to you here:

Nutrition and Emotional Health Skills

A 6 pillar online learning programme focused on emotional health and nutrition. Full audio files so you can listen anywhere, beautifully crafted worksheets, interactive exercises, meal planners, and recipes.


Coaching and Support

Group coaching sessions every other week with me, Josie Buck. I'll bring the learning to life, motivate, encourage and  support you through the programme. You can ask me any questions.

Inspiration and Cooking Sessions

Live cook-along sessions monthly and a stellar cast of speakers guaranteed to uplift you. Speakers for April onward include a habits expert, stylist and fashion designer and mindfulness expert.

Community Membership

An invite to be part of our vibrant and inclusive, community of like-minded women. Connect, support and learn from one another.


Access to Exclusive Well-being Resources

Exercise videos, discounts on live online classes,  guided meditations and member discounts on fantastic food and well-being products. Access to the back catalogue of coaching and guest sessions.

Self-Care Planning and Tracking

Members have exclusive access to a beautiful linked mobile app for you to plan, schedule and track routine self-care rituals.

"The programme has really helped me to focus on ME. Learning about nutrition and focusing on setting intentions has really changed my inner dialogue around food. During lockdowns the regular virtual group sessions have also given me something to look forward to, getting to know new people and learning from some excellent guest speakers. If you're thinking about joining, do it!"


"When it comes to food, the module on nutrition has had the most profound effect. It’s taken a while, but I’ve changed my shopping and eating habits and these now feel natural choices as opposed to being forced. The overall effect of this is that I have far more energy and focus than I had before. "


"Working with Josie is like having a non-judgemental friend on hand. Trying to improve your health so often leads to self-criticism followed by giving up. It’s a testament to the variety, enjoyment and motivation of the programme that I've stuck with it for the whole 6 months. When I hit a low spot, I jump back into the community or the resources for a refresh.I feel confident that I can continue to develop myself at my own pace and regardless of setbacks. Thanks!"


"In a world full of misleading and confusing information on health, eating and diets, there is this gem called Josie Buck aka The Mindful Cook. Josie is supportive, kind and knowledgeable. If you want to change your relationship with food then this is your girl! "


"I would completely recommend this course to anyone who’s hit a brick wall when it comes to diets and weight loss. Josie is so incredibly nurturing and is committed fully to helping you to overcome your personal barriers to getting healthy. The work I’ve done through this course is invaluable, it has benefited not only my health but the way I am in all walks of life. I am healthier, happier more confident and truly optimistic about reaching my ultimate health goals. Each module is both simple, effective and amazingly supported by Josie and the community she has created. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made and one of the easiest to recommend. Get on it!"


Your Investment In You

There are a limited number of places available on the programme. One off fee for the 10 week programme. We start again on the 19th April 2021.











The Price of the Programme Includes:

6 Pillar online course on emotional health and nutrition.

Group coaching every other week with Josie.

Monthly expert sessions and cook along events.

Movement videos and discounts on online exercise classes.

Guided meditations.

Exclusive member discounts on food and well-being products.

Membership to a vibrant community of like-minded women.

Worksheets, planning tools, recipes and access to the online app.

Guest Line Up April - June 2021

What The Course Covers

We’ve all read the self-care books and tried the fitness plans, but how much of the knowledge do we continue to apply when the going gets tough? This programme uses coaching, community and course materials to support you in creating self-care habits that stick.

Creating Routine Self-Care Rituals.

In this pillar I teach you how to create rewarding and enjoyable self-care practices that you will want to stick to. We look at the factors that make it easy or hard for us to create and stick to routines around how we eat and look after ourselves and share how to use the resources available to you in the programme, including the linked app, to schedule and track healthy habits.

Nourishing Nutrition.

This pillar explores the principles of nourishing nutrition: balancing nutrients, variety and nutrient density and conscious eating for healthy digestion.

Emotional Health.

Here we look at how emotional awareness and acceptance can help you to improve many areas of your life. We look at the relationship between thoughts, feelings and actions and I teach you some specific techniques you can use to navigate difficult emotions with care and compassion.

Planning, Creating and Eating Nourishing Food.

This pillar shares some very practical tools and techniques for eating in a way that feeds your cells with a wide range of nutrients. There are meal planning and shopping tools, advice on creating and cooking food that is simple and nourishing, a full set of recipes and lessons in mindful and intuitive eating techniques.

Feeling Good in Your Skin.

Here we explore how you feel about your body. We look at self-compassion as a tool to help us feel more at ease and we look at ways to deal with the inner-critic so you can feel more confident in yourself.

Raising Your Vibration.

This is all about pulling the learning together to create routine rituals of self-care that bring you joy and increase your energy and vibrance. I share science-based evidence of how you truly can create new habits. You are an incredible creature and you deserve to THRIVE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions members have asked me before enrolling - if you have a different question, I'd love to hear from you, email me on [email protected]

The membership gives you access to a 6 module online learning programme that covers: healthy habit creation, nutrition, emotional health, preparing and enjoying nourishing food, how to create a positive body image and how to stick to a self-care plan.

Bi-weekly, live group coaching sessions with me via Zoom.

Live sessions with guest speakers on related well-being topics.

Access to an exclusive self-care planning app.

Live cook along events where I teach you how to create nourishing food.

Pre-recoded movement classes and discounts off live online classes.

Other online resources: guided meditations and discounts.


It's a 10-week programme. During which time you have access to all the online course material, membership to the linked community which is a private, members-only group n Facebook and access to weekly live events (coaching, cook alongs and guest speakers). You work through the course material in your own time during that period guided by the coaching.

Coaching, cook along and guest sessions are once a week for an hour on a week night - normally Tues/Weds or Thursday (I mix it up so that everyone can make at least a few). I would allow around an hour a week to study the course, and whatever time you choose to dedicate to your self-care routine. It's completely flexible and down to you how you use your time. 

Yes. All of the live sessions are recorded and saved in the Facebook group. You can access them at any time to catch up. You also have access to the back catalogue of coaching and guest sessions so you can watch those too if you choose. If you are not on Facebook, you can request links via email.

Coaching sessions are held every other week on weeknights. They take place on Zoom and you can choose to interact as much or as little as you like in the sessions. All sessions are recorded (coaching not member interaction) and saved in the linked Facebook community.

The Facebook group for members of the programme is there so that you can connect with other members, chat and share updates if you want to. It doesn't affect your access to course material or coaching. There are regular posts in the group and the previous coaching, guest and cook along sessions are saved there. Some members of the programme are in there and active, some have chosen to join Facebook to be part of it, but some haven’t.

 The course material itself is on a course platform that you will have username and password access to. You'll get access to a linked smartphone app to plan your self-care routines and all of the coaching, guest and cook along sessions are hosted on Zoom – so you can connect with other members in these sessions if you’re not on Facebook. I also email everyone with dates and times of events, information for cook-along events etc, so I don’t think you’ll miss out if you don’t join the community on Facebook.

Why you enrol, the first payment will be processed immediately after checkout. Following that, the card/pay pal you used for payment will be debited one month later with the remaining balance.

About Your Teacher

Hi there, I'm Josie. I'm a Food and Eating Psychology Coach. It's my mission to help women to change the way they relate to food and their bodies. To dissociate with diet culture and other influences that have negatively impacted the way they feel about those things and to learn to develop compassionate and assured relationships with themselves.

I had a troubled relationship with food myself for many years and have first-hand experience of what it takes to break free from dieting and discover a relaxed and enjoyable relationship with food. This experience, coupled with my training in eating psychology and the experience of coaching many women on the subjects of emotional health and nutrition has enabled me to create this amazing programme designed to support you in creating lifestyle habits that will enable you to truly thrive.

I  look forward to working with you! 


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